Is Anxiety A Mental Illness Or Disorder?


Mental illness, stress, anxiety are a common health and psychological issues these days as people face the constant change of the circumstances around them. Anxiety is the reaction to the stress problems in human beings which can also function as beneficial to some situations. Anxiety hints at the upcoming dangers and prepares us for the consequences. Anxiety disorder in a person is totally different from the concept of nervousness and it affects almost 30% of adults. The treatments are also available and have proven effective for the people with anxiety disorder. Check out this blog on what you should look on a child psychologist.

Anxiety can become a mental disorder if it is affecting the victim in an excessive way. Here are some detailed information on anxiety to help you out dealing with the relevant problems in the most effective ways.

Types of anxiety people face

on the road

Generalized anxiety disorder– this type of anxiety usually interferes with daily activities and is persistent in nature. This is also generated from the regular life situations like- job responsibilities, loans, rents etc.

Panic disorder– panic attack is generally the combination of physical and psychological symptoms like- rapid heart rate, chest pain, nausea with the fear of losing control over the situation causing the panic. See here for more explanation on what is child psychology.

Phobias– phobias are the excessive fear of anything like- living things, places or situations. As a result, the victims may go to extreme lengths to avoid his or her phobias.

Social anxiety disorder– the people having this type of issues always face anxiety in interacting with people, getting neglected, embarrassed or humiliated in front of everyone.

Separation anxiety disorder– this type of anxiety disorder is seen in a person who becomes fearful of losing anybody he or she loves the most. This problem often makes the victim facing an excessive fear of leaving the house, having nightmares of separation etc which generate in the childhood and extend up to adulthood.

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